Will 2016 be the year you earn a master’s degree?

That’s why Drury offers graduate degrees designed for individuals who seek convenient course offerings – nights, online, and weekends. We also offer flexibility to the traditional semester start date. Sure, you can launch your graduate education in January, June, or August, but we also make it possible for you to jump in to our second session courses in March, July, or October. You won’t

Time is often seen as a barrier to starting a graduate program, but Drury University doesn’t want it to be the thing that stands in between you and your professional aspirations.
find this flexibility in other programs.

Drury offers three course sessions each semester, which gives you a bit more time to submit application materials should you miss the traditional start date for a 16-week semester.

Here are session options for Spring 2016:

  • 16-week courses run Jan. 19 – May 14
  • 8-week “A” Block courses run Jan. 19 – March 11
  • 8-week “B” Block courses run March 21 – May 14

Declare 2016 as your start date for graduate study. See you in January – or March – it’s your choice.

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Contact grad@drury.edu for more information.

Dr. Regina Waters