Attention Business Travelers: Drury’s MBA program is for you!

As a former business traveler, I recall lonely nights in hotel rooms eating bad food and half-watching premium cable while pecking away on my laptop attempting to gain ground on my competitors.

I understand the frustration associated with the necessity of pursuing graduate education without settling for an online degree from a for-profit school. I waited for a promotion to a non-travel position before enrolling in graduate school at a respected nonprofit university. Classes were held at night on campus. I gained valuable knowledge while forging transformative relationships with my professors and classmates.

My experience with traditional asynchronous online classes was disappointing. While they may work for others, I missed the face to face interactions with my professors and classmates. Posting to discussion boards, writing papers, and completing solo projects may have its advantages but for me, relationship building was a benefit I would not concede.

Good News Business Travelers!

You no longer have to wait until you’re off the road to pursue an MBA.  Drury University’s fully accredited 30 credit hour MBA program is now accessible online. The program’s synchronous online delivery method allows students to interact with professors, classmates, and guest speakers live in real-time from the convenience of their home, office, or hotel room. Drury’s highly regarded faculty members employ Zoom meeting technology to ensure students don’t miss out on the valuable dialogue, networking, and teamwork experiences associated with a traditional classroom environment.

“We are pleased to deliver a student-centered MBA program to individuals who desire real-time communication, online access, and a quality academic experience,” said Dr. Robin Soster, MBA program director. “This new path will be offered in addition to our on-campus MBA courses.”

MBA courses are offered in 8-week sessions starting in August of each year. Classes meet in the evenings (6 p.m. — 8:45 p.m. CST).

Registration is underway. Apply now to claim your spot as class sizes are capped at 30 participants.

For more information, including application requirements, please visit the program’s website and/or contact the College of Graduate Studies.

Jeff Riggins