Choose Your Path: Drury University Announces a Customizable Graduate Degree

Drury University’s College of Graduate Studies is excited to announce a new master’s program starting in fall 2020. The Master in Integrative Leadership was created in reaction to community needs with a focus on allowing students to design their educational path. The program is similar to the undergraduate college’s innovative Your Drury Fusion program.

Graduate students may mix and match certificate programs to create their own personalized course of study.

“We know that the world you were prepared for when you selected your major as an undergrad is different than the world you are preparing for now, even if you have only been out of college for a short time. Now, more than ever, we find that employers and organizations are looking for individuals that are dynamic in their skillsets. Being able to integrate a combination of these certificates into a single master’s degree provides you with those diverse skills they are looking for.”

– Dr. Lori Slater, Director Drury Leadership Collaborative

Graduate Certificate Programs (available online)

Choose two certificate programs listed above to create a customized Master in Integrative Leadership degree (see flowcharts below).

Example: An employee at a nonprofit is tasked with integrating the use of data in strategic planning for the organization.

Example: An employee at a startup company is tasked with taking over cybersecurity concerns for the burgeoning business.

This innovative graduate program offers multiple combinations based on the needs of potential students and employers.

Apply now for Fall 2020

For more information please contact Drury’s College of Graduate Studies.

Jeff Riggins