Professional development academies in local school districts may count toward a Drury M.Ed. degree

In recent years, school districts throughout Missouri have created in-house professional development activities to support instructional excellence in their schools. Drury’s School of Education and Child Development (SECD) celebrates this good work and is working with districts to determine if professional development academies can make it possible for teachers to receive course credit toward a M.Ed.

Districts offering in-depth professional development (PD)  programs may ask SECD leadership to review the PD curriculum. If there’s a match, SECD will work with district leaders to craft an agreement where teachers can receive course credit toward a Drury M.Ed. Districts must provide verification that teachers have successfully completed all professional development program requirements. Such an agreement would shorten the path toward a master’s in Integrated Learning or Instructional Leadership by three, six, or even nine hours.

We invite district leaders to contact Dr. Shannon Cuff (scowart@drury.du) or Dr. Asikaa Cosgrove ( to learn more about this new opportunity.

Dr. Regina Waters